The Vizsla

The Magyar Vizsla originated in Hungary more than 1100 years ago. Vizslas were bred to be a bird dog and a hunter of all game for the table. They are built to have speed; stamina in the field, to hunt on land and to retrieve on land or water.They do all this while being one of the most beautiful of dogs.

The Vizsla was also bred to be a faithful companion and family dog. After 1100 years, and surviving two World Wars, the Vizsla remains true and shows all the wonderful breed characteristics they were originally bred for.

The Vizsla energy and stamina provides us with a dog that can perform all day and then come home, to be with the family. You can relax with your beloved Vizsla beside you. Many of the Vizslas of today are incredibly bonded to their owners. Vizslas earned the name “Velcro Vizsla” because of the love they have for their owners.

In addition to being known as the Velcro Vizsla they are frequently known as the Versatile Vizsla. It’s as if the Vizsla wants to be all things to all people.

The versatile Vizsla is a combination of beauty and brains. To illustrate how truly diverse and versatile the Vizsla is I personally know Vizslas that are Agility Champions; Show Ring Grand Champions, Dock Divers, Field Trial Champions, Trick Dogs, Companion Dogs, NAVHDA Utility Dogs and Versatile Champions, Water Test Certified Dogs, Obedience Titled Dogs, Therapy Dogs and Search and Rescue Dogs. There is even a Vizsla, Feco, who is a K9 Member of United States Coast Guard. The Vizsla is truly a versatile breed.

The Vizsla could not excel in any of the above-mentioned sports without having been bred to have elevated levels of both energy and stamina. If you plan to have a Vizsla in your life you must take high energy levels into consideration. If you are not a person who likes to perform with your dog, or train your dog, or walk your dog, or take your dog hiking on a frequent basis, the Vizsla may not be for you. Vizsla are the most loving of dogs however, because of their energy levels, having a Vizsla around toddlers and young children can be a challenge.