Versatile Vizsla Activities

The Vizsla is a breed that puts its full heart into everything it does. Because of this characteristic the Vizsla is a dog that does best with a job. A bored Vizsla is one that can think of many ways to keep itself entertained. Because we may not be happy with the ways they find to entertain themselves I always suggest Vizsla owners provide structured entertainment. Your dog will love what you have taught it and you will love your fulfilled Vizsla.

These are photos of some of the things your Vizsla can do in a multitude of events: Agility, Obedience, Conformation Show Ring, Swimming, Hunting, Hiking and many more activities to fulfill yourself in the things you love doing while you fulfill your Vizsla.

Here are a few of the many links available to provide you more information:


Hunting Dog

Dock diving

Lure Coursing

Conformation Show Ring